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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bali Trip NO 2.

I'm thinking that really the blog worlds are like little diary's of our life's ,it maybe from our minds ,hearts and of course our camera-something we may have seen or we may have been to some Divine place-or even made something to show every one,even about our homes and how we decorate them...Ive had to come over here to be - the lemonade girl, and leave Old Flowers 4 Me as i have had a bloody hacker take my name and my pass word..I'm so so very sorry this has happened to me as i was over there for 4 OK this is going to be OK....this is me -right-its over with and here i am...its all new so here we go........Well we have been away for 16 days ,to a place called BALI,and i so want to go back right now, my Mr Australia had the biggest surprise for us all-he flew our Miss Jessy Opal in from up north-Queensland-and our young boys had no idear-how i keep ed that to my self-well i can tell you all that was so hard....the breakfast,cocktails,lunch's,even the night time pina coladas where all heaven oh and the shopping, i had cloths made over there and my shoes as well,it was just so nice to be with my family we had Christmas lunch early this year so Miss Jessy could share it with where home and I'm in the middle of putting up our lilac Christmas tree.....singing and skipping love Jo.


  1. Oh Jo I´m so sorry a hacker took your blog identity!!! That´s awful!!

    Your Bali trip sounds lovely - I could do with Pina Coladas at the beach - it´s freezing cold and still much snow, but then it´s cosy with white Christmas! So nice you met up with Jessy Opal, you must miss her.

    Have a gorgeous Christmas, good to have you back in blogworld!

    Love Kirsten

  2. my darling one, hope you all have wonderful christmas & holiday times.i'm very happy to see fairy cake pond's door is open again. all your photos look lovely. i am sending lots of love and kisses to you all.cheers

  3. I think I know who the hacker is, or in fact they are two!
    It must be the rabbits in your previous blog!