crepe paper,whisper,millenery,dreamy,chinese umberella's,token,cardigan,red apple's,jewellery,violin,turquoise tights,sequel,slippers,vessel-vase,magpie,florist,eiderdowns,mannequins,violets,tobacco flower,rust,sorrow,sparkle,circus,passion flowers,broken plate's,tattoo's,champagne......this is all in my mind and heart.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SoME tiME's there is magic happens when your not looking for it...hold my hand and come over to fairy cake pond for afternoon's allways after 4.30....

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  1. Oh hello! Princess Petal Jo. Thanks for dropping by. So that's where you've got to. I thought perhaps the fairy's had taken you away. Those nasty little hackers. In the words of the Queen of Hearts, "Off with their heads". Ha ha ha.

    Delightful as always