crepe paper,whisper,millenery,dreamy,chinese umberella's,token,cardigan,red apple's,jewellery,violin,turquoise tights,sequel,slippers,vessel-vase,magpie,florist,eiderdowns,mannequins,violets,tobacco flower,rust,sorrow,sparkle,circus,passion flowers,broken plate's,tattoo's,champagne......this is all in my mind and heart.

Friday, September 3, 2010 just trying to get my head around this new blogworld of it will take me a few goes to get it all may know i did have an other blogworld ..called oldflowers4me, i was over there for 6 years to my broken heart they will not some how let me sign in as , some one stole my email just seem all to hard ..for me here i the lemonade a very big welcome .....afternoon tea is allways after 4.30 ....enjoy...singing and skipping jo

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  1. Oh Jo! What is that under the screen?
    Looks like tarts, fit for a queen.....