crepe paper,whisper,millenery,dreamy,chinese umberella's,token,cardigan,red apple's,jewellery,violin,turquoise tights,sequel,slippers,vessel-vase,magpie,florist,eiderdowns,mannequins,violets,tobacco flower,rust,sorrow,sparkle,circus,passion flowers,broken plate's,tattoo's,champagne......this is all in my mind and heart.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

in the front garden of fairy cake pond...

let's run away with the circus.....


  1. Oh Jo,
    I wondered where you had gone to from your oldflowers blog but I see you are having problems again. I'm so pleased you have a new spot.
    Take care,
    Hugs from England,
    Sandi x

  2. Your blog is so lovely too!!!
    *Many thanks for your message*
    A bientôt!
    Hugs from Provence.

  3. Hello Jo! I love your blog, i am following you so you can find me! Though there is nothing on my blog yet there will be soon (hopefully!)
    kisses from Jeanine xxxxxxx