crepe paper,whisper,millenery,dreamy,chinese umberella's,token,cardigan,red apple's,jewellery,violin,turquoise tights,sequel,slippers,vessel-vase,magpie,florist,eiderdowns,mannequins,violets,tobacco flower,rust,sorrow,sparkle,circus,passion flowers,broken plate's,tattoo's,champagne......this is all in my mind and heart.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

today..i just want to smell the smell of carnations....its a smell that reminds me of my beautiful divine all our lives there a special people that help us grow..and to become good fine's my nannas birthday..if she was here on this big round earth with me..we would have cake and champagne for our dinner...we would wear our best party dresses and smile and talk all night....its good to remember .....but in my heart of hearts i remember every day..kiss kiss my darling.


  1. Nanna's are so special, living long in our memories.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday to your darling Nana, Jo...I just know she will be smiling down upon you...I hope you are having a champagne toast to her on this special day x

  3. Ji Jo,

    Thanks for your lovely comment about the paper mache dolls -

    The work is really that of Julie Arkell, whose style I have tried to do justice to lives in England, and I am in Australia.

    I tried to figure it out, then sent my stuff to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and they published a tutorial..

    Now I am getting to travel to France this year to do Julie's workshop - cant wait!

  4. HERE HERE! to all the Nanna's on earth and having tea in the heavenly places.

    HUGS Lorraine